Where are their morals?

I love this season. Everything looks new and the breeze blows. Of course,I go to "HANAMI" every year. Sakura is often compared to a human life in Japan. Because,Skaura blooms only short and readily gone. Therefore we love Sakura and celebrate that Spring has come again under the tree.

Recently, we heard bad news about "HANAMI" manners. For example, young guys too much drink after that jump into a pond in a park. Then,visiters almost left some garbage in the park. The gross weight was around 5 tons overnight. I think they don't love Sakura,theylove drinking and much ado about notuhing. I know young guys like to party and make noise.When I was a student, I made noise about a party with my friends,too.But nobady went swiming after drinking. We know if we do that we must die.Fist of all,it is a public space! Where are their morals? Life is short, but they do not allow to shorten their life.
# by soy_miho | 2006-04-05 18:15

Do you know "The Stamp Museum"?

e0004831_2134870.jpgRecently I've been interesting collecting stamps. Especially overseas stamps have a lot of varietys and shapes. I looked up about the variety of stamps on the internet and I found "The Stamp Museum" site. There is the museum in Mejiro. I went there right now. The museum was nice space, quiet and cozy. We can see every variety of stamps there. I think, stamps show us national charactistic's of graphic design from stamps. For example, Swiss stamps have a simple composition and clear colors and of course they use Helvetica font. I'm collecting Cristmas stamps. It was interesting finding difference's beteen eache country. Spain and South America always use religious painting "Nativity". Finland and Northern Europe printed "Santa Clause". In the country's of the Southern hemisphere, Santa clause wore a short-sleeved red suite. And insted of fir tree, there was palm tree. I looked carfully at stamps, I have a lot of questions. I'll check about that more. I became more and more hooked on stamps.
# by soy_miho | 2006-03-23 02:14

The exhibition "Olafur Eliasson"

e0004831_108511.jpgThe exhibition "Olafur Eliasson" is open at Hara museum till the 5th od March.That museum is always quiet and rhere weren't many visitors. This time the exhibition was "Olafur Eliasson" . He was a famous artist known worldwide, although his works weren't introduce to Japan for a long time.There were many people at the museum, his works always recontruct natural phonpmena is the room. Three years ago, I saw his exhibition at Tate Modarn in London. There was a huge orange light, that was like the shining sun on the far wall in the huge gallery space, and there was smoke that was like a fog. I felt that the sceen was like a fictional daily life after the end of the world. It was beautiful and scary... We can experience it again at this exhibition. This time, there was a light that the wall was backlight orange light. A low wind blew in the room instead of the fog.When we got into the room,everthing looked monotone. Only gray toned world. That was amazing.The subject matter of Olafur Eliasson's works are objects from our dauly lfe ordinary objects. However, by making, these objects works of art, he focuses the importance of these objects which we tend to forget.
# by soy_miho | 2006-02-18 20:22

Lonodon report #7

I booked a hotel in London tonight.The hotel was pretty good.My friend had stayed there when he went on their honeymoon,so they recomended it to me.It was near victoria statiton.We watched a musical at Dominion Theater in Tottenham Court.The musical was "We will rock you",whivh was based on Queen's music.The story was simple but I couldn't understand a lot of the words.I guess,the story was about the near future.The goverment robbed Rock music from the prople,but somebody didn't lose the rock spirit.One of men who is young,but didn't know rock music found a partner.At last he began singing his rock music dong,"We will rock you"
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-29 19:01

London report#6

I woke up at 6:00am.I took a shower,and I made breakfast for my coausin and myself.After that,I woke her up and we ate.(...I'm like a her wife...)
We made our arrangements,then wa went out at 10:00am.It was too cold today.In the early morning.the ground was coverd with frost.We awlked for about 30 min.The train was late by about 30min.Better luck today! We arriver at Kings' cross,after that we went to the museum,Tate Briten.I wanted to sww the exhibition "Tuner Prize 2005”The exhibition was interesting for me! I learnd about some new artists in Europe.Anywat,today wa visited to Tate Briten,Victoria station,Westminster cathedral,Westminster Abbey,Big Ben, London Eye and supermarket"Sainsbery".At last I showed her some landmarkes od London.
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-28 23:48

London report#5

I went out at 9:45am.It took about 30min to walk to the station.My coausin had never seen the laundmarks of London even though she has stayer here for 4 days.It was snowiong,but still,we here went to the station.We were going to go to Kings' cross,but train wasn't in service for there,only next station that is Welwyne Garden City.So we changed our plan,we were going to go shopping there.Welwyne Garden City was nice place,there were a lot of shops nad delis.We enjoyed the Christmas sale!
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-27 23:28

London report #4

It was Boxing day and a national holiday today.I asked Geoff about "Boxing day"and he said "I don't know".
Anyway.I didn't go outsaide.During the day I spent time with my coausin in the loge ,we were talking and watiching TV.We always live so far away.She lives in Nagasaki.Stil wa are so close.She is one year older than me and works for a schooltoo.She is a primary school teacher.So we had never talked for a long time about ourselves.We had a great time in England!
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-26 18:08

London report #3

Merry Christmas!
It was really quiet today.The stores were closed and the trains weren't in service.I coudn't go to London.So I spend a slow day in the lodge.The caretaker Geoff made us a tradicional English breakfast. Firstly, he served fruit salad and bread,next he sarved sausage,a sunny-side up egg,chips,bacon and toast.We really enjyed English style,so we tried to make a traditional style Christmas dinner with Geoff.We cooked toast chicken and garnish,boiled sprouts,carots,caulifower,green-peas,broccoli and potatos.
I tried to dip chicken in cranberry sauce.It wa good!
We finished the main dish,after that we pulled a Christamas' cracker with other,and ate Chritmas pudding to celebrate Christmas.
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-25 00:16

London report #2

Today was my first day in London.
I woke up at 6:00a.m. I didn't feel any jet lag.(I have never that anywhere.)I took a shower and I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.When I made a salad,my cousin came down.We had breakfast together,after that we went to Camden Town for shopping at an antique market.Camden Town looked like Harajyuku in Tokyo.There was exciting young fashion and culture.I saw Punk guys and young artists there. I bought some accessories for myself and an antique magnifying glass for my mother.My cousin bought some rings that were shaped like a frog.After that we went to Covent Garden bu the tube and we walked to Picadilly Circus and enjoyed the location.
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-24 23:47

London report #1

e0004831_016786.jpgI departed Narita at 12:00 on 23.Dec. and I arrived at Heathrow at 15:30 on 23.Dec. So close! from Narita to London it's about three half hours! But actually I was sitting down for around twelve houres in the plane.I was looking forward to watching a lot of movies in the plane,but these movies were old and boring.So I played video game for a long time,and my cousin was sleeping.We arrived at the airport at 16:00,after that we took a tube,the picadilly line to King's cross.In the train,there were many people and everyone talked about Christmas holidays to each other.We changed lines at King's cross and took British railway to Willwyn Garden City.Then we went to our lodge by a taxi.At last we arrived there at 20:00p.m. We finished our long,long day.
# by soy_miho | 2005-12-23 22:00